Prevent Accidental Deletion of Files

We had an incident where we needed to consolidate our designs files. As I was deleting old files I realized there was noting preventing me from destroying years worth of work.

We need a stronger system to prevent people from deleting files.

  • Lock a file from deletion
    -Warning popup to allow users to choose to delete or cancel the operation
    -Trash bin to see old files and recover them
    -Auto backing up of files at a set time interval

Preventing accidental deletion of PROJECTS is also essential.

In our org, we had an instance because there was no ‘are you sure?’ warning popup to check when deleting an entire project with 20+ files got deleted with multiple people being the owners of said files so it caused a mass panic of who had what and who could recover what.

Another possible solution is needing approval to delete if you are not the owner of a file.