PNG + JPG export size is wrong

Working on:
Macbok Pro 2020 13’
Desktop Figma

Size PNG and JPG export is not exporting the same size.
ex: 170x170 exports as 171x171 or 170x171
Figma does not care if it’s a frame, component, mask and such. I have tried to flatten, outline stroke, smaller constraint, move images closer “inside” the box constraint. I also tried rebooting, logout/in, update and update Figma.

Could anyone shed a light or tips?
I am working on a website and Dev handoffs need pixel perfect sizes or everything is off. It was not a problem 5 month ago and I have been researching and lead me to post this topic. Thank you!

Thank you!


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Answer: SVG exports at a different size to W & H values in editor - #9 by Gleb