Pasting layers with variables also pastes variables

When I paste a layer that as a variable applied onto other document, Figma creates the variable that that layer has. This sometimes creates duplicated collections in the end document.

Is this intentional? Is there any way to prevent this?

hey @Design-systems-designer - sorry for the confusion on my part, but can you clarify what you mean by ‘other document’ and ‘duplicate collections’?

Do you mean you’re copying a layer from one Figma file into another Figma file, that you’re creating duplicate collections?

Could you maybe share a screen recording of the behavior you’re seeing? I’d like to have a visual, if possible.

Hi there,

These are the steps to replicate this:

  1. In source file, copy a layer that has a variable applied to it
  2. In destination file, paste that layer
  3. The variable is also created in the destination file

This is unlike layer styles, that not get created in the destination file.

What I meant about “duplicated” is that sometimes the name of the variable of the source / copied object matches one that is already existing in the destination file, so I can end up with two collections named the same — making it really hard to understand which one was the original in that file, and which one the created when I pasted the layer.

Is it more clear now? In any case, please find a video attached to show what I mean.