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Page name disappears in DT app

Hi. Not sure if anyone else is experiencing this. Page names seem to keep disappearing (the name of a page in the Pages panel is literally blank). I once noticed that an entire page was gone (along with all the layers), but now it just seems like a page name. The page remains, so I continue making changes to the layers, but I have to go and add a name to the page again. This is annoying and might lead to confusion with the stakeholders. Any fixes for this?

This sounds like a bug, so send the details about it (including file links, screenshots or even better video recordings) to Figma support team via the bug report form. But first make sure nobody is doing this manually accidentally, check the file version history and see maybe you or someone else made this change.

When renaming a page make sure to hit Return after typing. If you hit Esc it’ll actually clear out whatever you typed. And yeah I’d echo what @Gleb said about making sure no-one else on the team or in the file is accidentally renaming the page to be just a space (blank).


@Josh @Gleb Just to be clear, I never renamed the page. That’s the problem. No one else could have because no one else has edit permissions.

This issue seemed to occur after I created a new frame, and then changed that frame to a component. It might have also occurred after I created a variant of that component. I’m not sure. But I did find the diff in the version history. I’ll post screen shots. You see the difference versions in each image.

FYI this is happening with my team too, including browser Figma. Haven’t worked out why yet.

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I am also experiencing this, it has happened 4-5 times over the last 3 months.

This happens to me all the time in the desktop app (i.e. every day).
I can’t categorically confirm, but it seems to be resolved by deleting the cache and/or restarting the app. However shortly afterwards at least one of the page names is not displayed again.
This behaviour is not limited to one file.

I am referring to the Windows 10 desktop app, but FYI, I am using Firefox 89.0.2

EDIT: I just tried clearing the desktop app cache but it did not fix the issue
Method followed:

  1. Open the Start menu, and paste in %APPDATA%\Figma followed by enter:
  2. In the window that opens, delete the Desktop and DesktopProfile folders

Further info that might help with an investigation…

Both myself and a colleague are on the organization plan and we are in separate remote locations. Whilst we both had the file open and were collaborating in real time, we both saw the same page missing its title in the Pages panel.
To me this suggests it is not a bug with the local implementation. That’s just a hunch though.