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My file won't load. Figma down

I am experiencing issues with opening my files. I kept getting an error of file unable to load so I decided to log out and log in again, this time around I can’t even login and can access the figma homepage. My internet works fine. This is the error I get now when I try to access the homepage. Please help as I have a deadline to meet.


You can follow Figma status here:


This doesn’t make sense
The app is Down!

Same error here.
first error was “504”
and then same erroer happend here too.

Same here. Figma down :frowning:

Temporary outage (503)

Yep. Figma is having a worldwide server outage right now :hear_no_evil:

When can it be restored? Are you rescuing the server?

Actually was pretty unstable the whole day today

Hi! This morning the entire Figma website is in down. All my presentations are in my account, I got a meeting with a client this morning to show him one of these. Is it possible to reach my project and download it in an alternative way?

I’ve got the same problem :confused: 504 errors… Can’t reach the files

Same with my account :confused: 503 & 504 errors… Can’t reach the files

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it looks like we are chilling today :rofl:

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:rofl: :joy: :face_with_head_bandage:

me too! :skull:

When can it be fixed?

yes, taht’s terrible :frowning_face:

OMG! What happend!!! Figma is down! I didn’t any backup Yet!!!

@Figma Say something please! :sob: :scream:


Anyone else experiencing this?