Morph from circle to rectangle

Hi guys,

I am trying to make a circular button which expands and morphs into a rectangular drop-down menu.
I made a simple rect with round corners and, from its copy, made a circular button.
But when using Smart Animate, it morphs into an oval.

Is there a workaround?

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I have done further tests and it seems only a problem with strokes. When shape has only fill it works.
@Figma_Support is it a bug or limitation ?

Hey Roman!

What might help here is a small storyboard of the animation you’re trying to achieve. From your description maybe breaking it up into 3 or 4 static design versions of each stage of the animation should do.

From there, it might be easier to help identify the right way to animate it :slight_smile:


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Thank you, I thought about it as well. But have not tried. Was trying keep frames to minimum

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Sure, these could be temporary just to understand the animation :slight_smile:

Animation is simple and basic, it just a scale in one axis :slight_smile: but for some reason doesn’t work with strokes

Ran the same test myself and getting the same result as your video…

Just also did a bit of searching around and it looks like you’re definitely the only one! Looks like it’s not yet supported. Smart animate for frame with stroke glitching - #3 by Keith_Vaz

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Cool. Thank you. Hope Figma guys will fix it

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