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Missing images

I’ve had to move some Figma files from one account to another. I did this by downloading the files to my desktop and uploading them to the other account.

This has broken a lot of the images. For example, there are lots of profile images placed in circles. The circles are still there but there is no bitmap within them anymore.

Is there a way I can export and import to avoid this happening? I’ve manually replaced the images in one file but there are too many files to make this a viable solution.

Any help much appreciated.


Did you save as a .fig file? Perhaps this is a bug that should be reported to support.

And why you are not satisfied with the file transfer via the “Share” menu?

Sharing the files with other users doesn’t transfer them from one account to another.

I need to move all our files from one account to another.

The only way I know to do this is to download the .fig files and upload to the other account.

When I do this the images are missing.

"When you transfer ownership of a file, Figma will not:

  • Move the file to a different location."

If you are planning on deleting your Figma account, we recommend moving any files in your drafts to a team project. You can then transfer ownership of that team or project to another Figma user.

I’m having the same issue, my company is merging with another and our figma account
will be gone. The solution is NOT a solution…

I re-exported the files again and all the images were fixed in the next export.