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Migrate all projects and dynamic components to another account

I have two accounts and decided to migrate all the projects of account 1 to account 2. The projects include dynamic components (libraries) and projects.

I can’t migrate the libraries, they get lost (all dynamic resources are unassigned).

When I try transferring ownership from one account from another, it automatically goes to a ‘SHARED PROJECTS’ folder, and I don’t want those projects there, I want them in my team’s folder.

Please help,

Hey @KatieLee @miggi

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HI Andres :wave:t2: Where you have connected Components across Files, it’s best to put the connected Files into one Projects and move the whole Project between Teams to preserve those connections. You’ll also need to reassign ownership for each File and the Project to your new owner account, before leaving the File with your old account. This should allow all Component connections to be maintained.
If one of your accounts is part of an Organization, and you want to move those Files into or out of the Organization, you won’t be able to manually migrate those Projects without losing the connections, but if you have your Organization Admin contact our Admin Support Team they can help to move those Projects over for you.
You can find more on how to Move files between projects, teams and accounts and Move, rename or delete projects in our Help Centre.
If you’re still seeing connections lost after following these instructions, just use the ‘?’ to ‘Get Help’ and let us know the steps you’ve tried so far that aren’t working for you and the names of the Files or Projects you’re trying to move and we’ll be happy to help there.