Merging cells in FigJam Tables

+1 yep keen for this

+1! could really use this.

Oh dear. This should be an MVP feature…

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+1, please

Comming from MIRO and is missing it badly…
This is a must-have in FigJam…
As said earlier, this should be an MVP feature…

+1 for this feature

+1 !!!

The table capability is so nice on the infinite canvas, but to really make my incredibly insight bringing tables hum this is necessary!!! :pray:t3:

I’m so surprised to find out there’s no merging cells feature available! Please make one. +1 from me

+1 from me too!

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:heavy_plus_sign: :100: when will this feature be added?

i really need this feature. Please make it happen!

We need that desperately

hurry up please