Merging cells in FigJam Tables

merging cells is necessary for creating row headers. thx

+1 Need this!!!

+1 on merging

I would like more functionality from the table as a whole. Doesn’t need to be as robust as Sheets. However, when running ideation / planning sessions it would be nice to have it all live in one place.

  1. Filtering, labels, merging, and Table design.

Please add the ability to merge cells!

So I can create headers for example.

+1! This a must-have.

+1. Please add table cell merging.

Merging table cells please!

+1 please. Table is kinda basic without merging cells as you can’t show the data visually in the way you need to. Bit too simplistic at the moment

+1 Please add merge cells~~~

+1 to merging cells!

+1 Pretty please. P l e a s e . . .

+1 → It’s a pretty common table feature

+1 to merging cells please!

+1 for merging cells please