Memory dump in Clipboard after pressing ALT + G

Once Alt + G is pressed, the Figma adds random characters to the clipboard, disturbing the workflow:


This comes annoying when using the CTRL + ALT + G Shortcut to create / select a frame, only to end up pasting a random bunch of characters when you press CTRL + V to replace an asset.

This does not happen when I manually right-click and choose frame selection.

Hi @Wael I’ve tested these keyboard shortcuts from my end here but was unable to reproduce an issue where it copies random characters to the clipboard. Do you maybe have any browser extensions installed or third party application on your device which might share similar shortcuts?

Hi Ryan!

Thanks for letting me know it was on my side. It appears that you are correct, since this happens on a few other websites as well. It might be a text expander issue, I believe.

I only use CTRL + ALT + G for Figma, which is why I have noticed it here, thank you!