Make squares in Lotus Diagram template editable

Hi! I’m new to Figma and just discovered the Lotus diagram template (super helpful as a writer for brainstorming connected ideas). Could you please make all the rectangles editable? Would be super helpful for ease of use. Thank you!

Hey @Emily_E,

We just made a copy to test the template, and the rectangles are already editable on our end.

Be sure to Ungroup each set of rectangles as needed, simply use the shortcut cmd + backspace or click Ungroup selection:

Hey!! Thanks! I discovered that on my end after I ungroup the boxes, the text is behind them (see attached pic)

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Can the template be edited so that a text box is already ready in each box? Like the boxes could each say “Idea” in them or something so it’s easier to edit. Thanks!

Thanks for the idea, @Emily_E! We’ve passed this along to our community team to see if the template can be updated.

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