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Make notification emails be sent by something more meaningful than ""

Right now all team access request emails are sent to admins from “”. Doesn’t it happen often that you receive emails to that inbox from admins that meant to write to the applicant user? I know i’ve done it a few times. You see “Jon Doe is requesting access to the X team” and you assume you can just reply to the email to tell Jon Doe something.

Comment emails are sent by “[endless-garbled-alphanumeric-code]” which honestly it makes already more sense than, but still not pretty.

Would it be not possible to make the “From:” field of these emails the email of the actual Figma user? Or at the very least change team access request email from to something like It will make it easier to sort through emails and create email rules…

PS: Believe it or not, more than once I’ve been asked “who is this person FROM SAN FRANCISCO asking to access my team”? Because they see Figma’s address in the Email but think it’s from the user :smiley:

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