Make home button actually take me home

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    Say I was looking around in the community, and clicked into a plugin, or file. Then I go back to one of my own open files and play around. The easiest way for me to get back to my teams and file viewer is by hitting the home button. I expect this to take me home. Instead it will take me back to the community page I had open last. This is not at all what I’m expecting from a button with a home icon, but I kind of understand why… it’s where I last was. The main issue is I can’t easily get out of the community section without opening my organization picker. I have many times instinctively hit the home button again hoping it would then take me to my organization home page, but alas it does not.

If the home button allowed for a second click that actually took you home it would be easier to get into my files instead of a weird convoluted mess to get back to my main desired organization home page.

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    Here’s the home button where I click, expecting it to take me back to my main teams/file viewer.
    Instead I have to click on the globe, then select the organization I want to go into instead of it just taking me to an actual “Home” in the account I have active.

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Does this lack of a true home function confuse anyone else?
Is there something I’m missing?

Is there a reason hitting home a second time wouldn’t actually take me home from the community section? Or is there another way to exit community and get back to my main files that doesn’t involve opening an overflow menu?

I feel like maybe 1 in 10 times do I want to go back to the community… all other times I’m expecting it to take me back to my files. Anyone else expect the same?

Could both a home and community button exist? Or are the majority of people hoping to get back to one or the other?

I agree on some aspects, probably would not hurt indeed to have second click to go to the file browser. It would be a bit of an hidden feature though, but also expected behavior if you look at other popular UIs.

For me, the main issue is the access to community inside account switcher (dropdown). I believe “community” should not be included in there. Instead there could be 2 tabs to switch between your files and community for each account. This would make it much easier to navigate and simplify the dropdown to just switch between accounts.

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This issue confuses me every time.

I think another way to solve would be to have community open up as a new tab (like a normal design file). That way I can still access home to get to my files and still have a dedicated “community” spot when I’m dealing with plugins.

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I like this idea! This would make a lot of sense too, since the tabbed approach is kind of like a browser, so opening tabs for community fits my mental model there. Glad this bugs more than just me.

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