Local Font Awesome Pro font families no longer recognized

Anyone having Font Awesome Pro issues after the April update to their plugin? Now I can only insert in a svg of an icon, and cannot treat it like text. Updated to the latest Font Awesomes locally, restarted, can see the new free and brands, but not the pro.

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I’m having the same issue! I thought it was a permissions thing on a different project but when I opened my UI kit file that I’ve been working, I could no longer change the icons. Is there a way to make them work again without having to upgrade the Figma plan?

I am the only one who uses Figma, so the font files are local to my machine. Which has worked for years. Now I am totally stuck :frowning:

The fonts work fine on other applications, just not Figma. Must be some bug they pushed.

Looks like it’s the same bug they had before back in 2022. All local fonts aren’t recognized anymore.

I reported the bug.

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Hi Alex, I’m having the same problem. I got the response from Font awesome that maybe the Figma account needs to be upgraded to organization plan, which I think it doesn’t make sense. Do you get any feedback from Figma? I just sent an email to Figma.
Thank you