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"Link to selected frame" shows everything

I am trying to link to a frame only, but when I test it, it shows everything on page - not just the frame. Does the feature work for anybody or is it a bug?

Link to frame will still show everything but it should have the frame selected and centered in the view.

Oh! I thought the idea of this feature is to show only the frame because its says “Link to…” It’s misleading if all it is about is centering. Thanks for clarifying!

Yeah it allows you to send a link to another editor or viewer so you can make sure you’re all talking about the same thing. It’s also super helpful when sharing in Slack or other messaging tools. :slight_smile:

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OK, I was “hiding” things I didn’t want showing only to realize - Nope, still showing your junk under the frame. Oh well.

You are probably looking for something like this: Giving unique access to specific pages


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