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Library of interactions

Currently, you can only duplicate and use interactions made between variants within the component.

If you rig up any interactions (open overlay, etc) outside of the component, it does not translate into other projects that uses the component library.

For example, I have a “Expand More” icon button at the end of my data table row component. I want this to trigger a menu (also a component). However, when another team member syncs my library and uses this data table, the icon does not trigger the interaction because it is technically a project-specific interaction.

Second method (workaround) I tried was to create two-state variants with one being default and the other being menu-active. However, this creates a z-index issue since the icon is nested in each table row.

In order for this to work, each person who uses my library will have to recreate this interaction within their own project file.

Suggestion: It would be awesome if we could publish the library interactions “open overlay, etc” made anywhere in the project as a duplicatable interaction for other project files.

I guess another workaround would be copying the entire component set including the “open overlay” interaction into each project, then duplicating from there—which feels… not as smooth as everything else on Figma.

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