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Lets Pin It! Pin the Tab Pannel!

In the last update, with fullscreen, tabs are now hidden, but now it’s impossible to quickly switch between tabs with the cursor. From a working file to a prototype or to another working file …, for example. You have to constantly click F11. A little annoying, especially when you’re in a hurry.

Would be great to give us the ability to choose the type of behavior of tabs when fullscreen: hide or not hide tabs when you press F11. I think this annoys not only me, many people use the prototype in their work as a preview.

How about to make the Pin icon somewhere in the panel to chose when to pin tabs and when not. (for example, on the right, in front of Zoom / View options or anothe quick accessable place).

On a Mac it is possible to do this (with Show tabs in Full Screen), but on Windows it is not.
Mac Full Screen for Figma

And it’s really saaaaad. For Windows users.

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