Layer Blur in Auto Layout

Hi, I have seen this asked once before but the conversation was closed before anyone managed to answer so just firing it back up a year on and seeing if anyone can help.

I’m trying to create an auto-layout. Text sitting on a background that has feathered edges. Feathered edges are not possible in Figma from what I understand, so I’m using layer blur, but this then applies to every layer in the auto layout, so both background and text on top look blurry. Is there a workaround or a way I can do this using Figma? Please help!

OP and image by @Lachlan_Siu. If you managed to find an answer Lachlan, please let me know!

That wasn’t indeed possible a year ago. It is now with absolute positioning. Add a rectangle or a frame to your autolayout frame, that has the same dimensions. Set it to absolute positioning. Set constraints to left, right, top, bottom. Apply the blur to this “background” element. Voilà!