Launched: FigJam on iPad: Undo and Redo

Just started sketching some product ideas in FigJam and would love to have a quick action to ‘undo’ and ‘redo’. Why not solve this with some finger interactions, e.g. double tap or tap with two fingers for ‘undo’ and tap with three fingers for ‘redo’.
Seems like a more efficient way for me to sketch.


FigJam has the undo/redo controls in the lower left. Those help me quickly perform those actions.

Are you asking for gesture support as well?

I am feeling the pain of not having a two finger tap for undo. It’s become a pretty standard gesture amongst other really great sketching apps like Procreate and Paper. I’d love love love gesture support for it!


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Thank you all for your feedback! You can now undo and redo faster in the FigJam iPad mobile app:

  1. Two finger tap to undo
  2. Three finger tap to redo
  3. Three finger swipe left/right to undo/redo
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