It’s baaack: Little Big Updates, but with a weekly twist! 🚀

Little Big Updates Week 2: New ways to collaborate visually in Figma and FigJam

In week 2 of Little Big Updates Weekly, we have a bunch of exciting new updates that will help you collaborate more creatively in Figma and FigJam:

5. Video in FigJam: You can now embed MP4 and MOV video files in FigJam.

6. FigJam embed improvements: Embedded content in FigJam has a new look and is easier to use.

7. FigJam Photo booth widget improvements: The photo booth widget in FigJam now lets you select your camera if you have multiple camera options, and comes with better audio/visual effects.

8. Emoji picker upgrade: We’ve updated our emoji picker library to Unicode 14.0, adding more than 300 new emoji for you to use in comments, text boxes, and more.

9. Rejoin Spotlight: A new persistent visual bell will appear when you fall off of a spotlight presentation while someone is still presenting.

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I have STUDENT/TEACHER plan, that modal features is not showing.

it is not showing the variant.

Hey there, when did you last refresh your app/tabs? Have you tried the solution listed above?

If you were experiencing issues when viewing or inserting instances with images from the component modal, we recommend refreshing your browser/app. If there are existing instances with images missing, try selecting them and use quick actions (Cmd or Ctrl + /) to trigger Repair component connections .

Thanks for your prompt reply, I tried but, it did not work.

Thanks for the additional screen recording, @Imtiaz_Ahmed_Qazi!

Can you please send this over to our support team directly via this form for help?

Be sure to use your Figma account email, include a link to the file, and share it with, so they can take a closer look.

Sure, Thanks, but may be it is because this is my plan:

I did but no result.

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Little Big Updates Week 3: Fixes to make designing in Figma simpler

This week, LBU is all about simplifying how you design in Figma:

10. Select and copy from version history: Users are now able to select and copy items on the canvas while viewing version history. Learn more.

11. Copy link as Quick Action: Copy the URL of a file via Quick Actions.

12. Improved link paste treatment: When pasting links over existing selected text, you can now paste and match style so the text you’ve selected will be replaced by the url or email address you want to paste in, rather than auto-link-ifying the selected text. Learn more about this behavior in Figma and FigJam.

13. Better multiplier export settings: Exporting objects with a multiplier applied sometimes added an extra pixel to width and/or height. This will no longer occur.

Hey @Imtiaz_Ahmed_Qazi1, thank you for your patience!

Our team will be launching another fix specifically for EDU plans today - be sure to check your component modal sometime later today!

Please do let us know, if you’re still having issues. :pray:

Sure. Thanks a lot, let me check and I will get back to you.


Awesome. Yes, it is working now. Highly appreciated. Thanks a lot. Qazi

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Little Big Updates Week 4: Visual improvements to how you work in Figma

Week 4 of LBU includes small tweaks to the visual experience of designing in Figma:

14. Offset measurements: When an object is selected, holding option and hovering over another object will show the measurements for offset horizontal and vertical sides of those objects.

15. Consistent click target for removing effects: Removing an effect could sometimes shift the entire effects list in the right hand panel, moving the click target if you wanted to remove multiple effects in a row. This will no longer occur.

16. Auto layout: Min/max indicator improvements: While typing within an auto layout object to which a minimum or maximum width has been applied, red indicator lines should now show when the min/max is reached. The red indicator lines will also show when min/max is hit while resizing paddings.

17. → and ← switch to → and ← in section and frame titles: A bug was preventing “->" and“<-" in section and frame titles from correcting to → and ←. This will no longer occur.

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Little Big Updates Week 5: A few colorful updates to designing in Figma

Week 5 of LBU includes new ways to manipulate colors and glyphs in Figma.

18. Plus lighter and plus darker: Adding two blend modes to Figma: Plus darker and plus lighter. These are most applicable to designing for iOS. Learn more.

19. Scrubbable inputs for color picker values: When holding option, you can scrub the color picker inputs on individual color picker fields, like rgb, hsl, and hsb. Learn more.

20. Parse alpha in color inputs: Now, alpha values will be applied to the color’s opacity. Learn more.

21. Outline glyphs separately: When outlining stroke within a text node, the text is now converted into a group of vector nodes, one per text glyph. Learn more.

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I currently have the same issue on one of my teams @dvaliao

Little Big Updates season finale: 22 new updates! :tada:

The final week of LBU includes a number of updates to Figma’s design editor, our collaboration tools, and the prototyping experience.

22. Font picker on-canvas previews: Now you can preview what a font family will look like on the canvas without having to actually select it from the font picker. Font size and style previews will also be available. Plus, we’ve restored the ability to navigate the font picker with up and down arrows. Learn more about browsing fonts in Figma.

23. Tab to autocorrect typos: Selecting a misspelled word and pressing tab will autocorrect the word to the first suggestion in the spell check list. Learn more about spell check in Figma.

24. Render SF Symbols correctly: Apple’s iconography library, SF Symbols, will now render correctly in the layers panel, frame names, and more in Figma.

25. Snap on text box: We’ve added a snap target to text boxes to help you satisfyingly center them around your text when resizing text boxes from the top or bottom.

26. Snap on container resize: When resizing containers, like frames and sections, they will snap to where the children are centered.

27. Select text in View-only mode: Now when a user has view-only access to a file, they will be able to select text on the canvas.

28. Text shaping updates: Changing colors or other font properties within a word previously caused some of the text to shift, or Arabic text to use incorrect contextual letterforms. This update will no longer break kerning pairs or contextual cursive fonts(including Arabic scripts) when colors are updated within a word.

29. Nested component props update: Now nested component properties are visible in both the component playground and in Dev Mode. Previously, only the parent was visible. Learn more about component properties.

30. Media in comments: Include images and GIFs when commenting in Figma and FigJam. Learn more about commenting in Figma.

31. Expanded emoji reactions to comments: Now you can react to comments with any available emoji, not just Figma’s seven preset options. Available in Figma and FigJam across web, mobile, and desktop.

32. Nominate someone to spotlight: Request for a file collaborator to spotlight themselves so you can more easily follow along as they present. Learn more about spotlighting in Figma.

33. Mind maps in FigJam (coming soon!): Brainstorm and ideate quickly and easily without having to manually create and connect shapes, text, or stickies in FigJam. This update will be available in the coming weeks.

34. Updated mobile app: Find and collaborate on recent files and prototypes while on the go with an improved experience in Figma’s mobile apps. Learn more about using Figma on mobile.

35. Asana widget improvements: Import multiple project widgets into a file at once by copying and pasting an Asana portfolio link. Learn more about using Asana in Figma.

36. Jira widget improvements: Figma’s Jira widget now displays images in issue descriptions. Learn more about using Jira in Figma.

37. Fixing interactions: We fixed a bug with“mouse enter” and“mouse leave” so these interactions now work properly.

38. More reliably positioned edit modal: The prototyping modal now pops up more consistently, appearing upon releasing the mouse after actions like dragging or selecting.

39**. Shift to hide edit modal:** While prototyping, holding the shift key will temporarily hide the edit modal. Learn more about creating interactions in Figma.

40. Indicate multiple actions on canvas: When“set variable” isn’t the only action available, Figma will add a small shadow to the canvas indicator to represent multiple actions.

41. Follow active frame: While in the inline preview, clicking on the prototype will navigate the user to the frame shown in the prototype. Learn more about playing prototypes in Figma.

42. Sticky scrolling improvement: Now, sticky scrolling can be set on any node or descendant of an overflowing frame. This means that objects can scroll and then“stick” for a period of time before scrolling again. Learn more about prototype scroll behavior in Figma.

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Thanks @dvaliao !
It would be more awesome if you could include videos with each update like you did on Twitter :smiling_face: Reading text-only might be confusing at times