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Issue with interactive components and auto layout

Hello. I have an interactive component that changes size on tap. I stacked the component in a page using auto layout. When I tap on the component, the size change doesn’t show in the prototype.
In the example below I show what I mean.

I’m not sure if this is the intended behaviour. If there is a workaround please let me know.



It’s a known limitation, currently while this feature is in beta, it doesn’t work with auto layout.


Thanks for the answer!

Also aware that this is a limitation, but heard it’s know and being worked on. I am having an issue with buttons having an interactive pressed state, and the horizontal auto-layout is also causing some issues (though that is only part of my problem).

You can see it documented here Scale effect has bugs when using Variants' Interactions

Confirmed today that this is still an issue for me. Auto-layout or component height is still not supported for interactive components.

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Any news about this issue?

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Still not working. Any updates here? :slight_smile:

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Still not working.


Still not working yet

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:pray: Please fix.


Still not working


Just a loving bump :heart: to keep the thread alive.

Hello !
Still waiting. Any news ?
This is an essential feature for us :pray:

Thx !


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+1. Is there an ETA on fixing this? Interactive components seems pretty limited without this


Would also like to hear when this will be addressed

Same here, waiting for implementation of working variants with auto layout. This will impact prototyping very greatly and ease our work.


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+1 :blush: actually, it is more like +50 if we count the entire Nordea design team who would benefit from fixing this :wink:

+1 and hoping this will be fixed soon :pray:

+1. I hope support for auto-layout with interactive components with different dimensions is added soon.

Have to create a zillion combinations of the same screen with different states to support this right now.

Thanks :pray: