Is it possible to make a toggle button on/off to open an overlay?

Hey guys!

I really liked a toggle button I saw in the community:

And I am wondering if I can incorporate it into my prototype. The thing is - I would like for it to open an overlay when toggled “on” and to close that overlay when toggled “off” ; I’ve been researching for a few hours now but it seems pretty “not straightforward”, what am I missing?

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I have want to do the same. Does anyone have an answer to this?
Please and thank you! <3

@Lene_Olsen @k_zdravkov When you open an overlay any buttons underneath it will not be active (you can’t click them). So you could click a toggle button to open an overlay but then you wouldn’t be able to click the toggle button underneath the overlay to close it.

But you can get around this by showing/hiding an element.

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Thank you <3

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