Increase Variables mode on Organization plan

Please increase the number of Variables available. Currently, you offer a maximum of 40, but we require significantly more for one project. Let me briefly describe what we have so you understand the volume we need to support. We have one layout and over 100 Variables for different clients. Additionally, these 100 clients need to be supported in two themes, light and dark, totaling 200. This is just for today, and we’re growing every year, so the number will increase. Therefore, we kindly request you to expand the options for Variables and perhaps organize them into folders or subgroups for more efficient management. Thank you!

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@Mary_Dovgalenko Hi Mary, where are you encountering that limit of 40 variables per project? Help says each project can have upt to 5.000 variables per collection.

According to the plan, an Organization can have 4, while an Enterprise can have 40.

I may have not expressed myself accurately. I specifically mean Variable Modes, which are significant for our clients.

Thanks for your feedback, Mary!
I’ve gone ahead and edit the title of your topic " Increase Variables mode on Organization plan" to make it more clearer. Thank you!


Hello, our organization is also running into the issue. We have 1 product that needs to scale across 30 brands, each brand has a light, dark, and accent mode. So in total we need 90+ modes in one design system file.

Are there any current work arounds for this? if I create 3 separate variable library files with 30 modes in each- can those libraries still apply to one design system file?

Is there any future updates that will expand the amount of modes?

Jumping in here, we’re in the same situation as Haleigh, as even with an Enterprise plan the limitation of 40 modes is too restrictive for our use cases, with multiple clients and themes/modes.

Really the “40” modes limit for variables should be for organization tier and variables should not be limited in any version since there is SO much out there you can’t even try if you don’t have at least one of the higher tier licenses.

Enterprise should be much larger and designed to flex to work with massive databases you’d expect massive enterprises to have needs for.

Having only 4 modes makes this feature unusable for any serious level of localization. I’d consider a team level add-on, but moving from 2 seats at $15/month to 2 seats at $75/month is a massive markup for an increased variable count.