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Import and then export at 1x problem

When I import an icon as SVG, and then export it at 1x on the sidebar panel, it seems low resolution every time, while export at 2x or 3x just fine. Also 1x and 2x are looking exactly the same size by visual, but their dimensions are correct (eg: 1x=48x48 and 2x=96x96, but both look like 48x48). What could be the reason for this?

Screen Shot 2021-01-26 at 21.34.14 Screen Shot 2021-01-26 at 21.34.26

As far as I know, macOS renders images with the “@2x” suffix as 1x in Preview.


All retina displays (iPhone, Macbook, iPad) actually render 2x. This is done so that your text sizes and proportions don’t get affected on other platforms. So to get the right view, you need to export your SVGs at 2x for all retina display screens.

But I would actually suggest using SVG (atleast for icons) wherever you are using it… as they remain sharp no matter the resolution