How to fix Navigation Bar Transparency on App?

Hi! Working on my very first design and while self-teaching myself and needed some help fixing a transparent navigation bar. I thought it might’ve been something about the layers, but when I put “normal”, the icons disappear. Trying different layering functions, but nothing seems to be quite right. I just want an opaque nav bar when scrolling. Thanks in advance!

If you’re working on an iOS tab bar I would highly recommend you give this page a read:

There are a few ways to make your tab bar look opaque here. One is to increase the transparency of the colour AND the layer both to 100%. Since you mentioned the icons disappear when you set it to normal, I think you have the colour of the tab bar set to black as well. You can try setting it to a grey colour and then setting the blend mode to normal.

Other blending modes are often not used in UI design and are mostly used for images. I would for the most part avoid changing the blend mode.

Another way to make the tab bar feel more opaque is to give it a blur background. You can find it under effects > background blur (in the dropdown)

This way you still somehow see what’s behind the tab bar and can give more dimension to your design. Also it’s really cool :slight_smile: