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How to detach, delete or ungroup variants?


There’ve been a few times when I’ve wanted to undo a variant or simply to walk back the new properties I’d created. Here are three examples:

1. Delete a property
I create the variable, add a few properties: e.g. hover, default, active state.
Later, I’d want to remove one or more of the properties. I select the object, hit the delete key, the variant group appears with a vacancy where the item was. (is that a bug?)

2. Add a New property after Deleting a property
I select an object I want to copy, click the plus symbol on the lower right corner of the variable group, and I get this:

3. Ungroup a large variant group & Convert all properties to components
Figma converted a large Sketch symbol group into a single Variant. The variant contains many dozens of symbols.
The user need:

  • to get rid of the variant container, freeing up all the symbols within it.
  • Secondly, convert all the ‘symbols’ which are actually properties, into individual components.

Anyone know how to do all the above?
Thank you!

1 and 2. No, this is not a mistake. Variant component is a frame with additional settings. You can add Auto Layout to this frame so that when you add or remove variants, it resizes itself.
3. Select all variants and drag outside the purple border.


That worked – Thank you @tank666