How to delete definitely a component?

I have a problem with my Design System with the button component and I tried everything for months without sucess…
To explain my problem, I create my component in my main Design system file but someone in my team create an other button component in his file. After we discover it, we deleted his component in his file.
But the problem is, when I open the tab “Assets” (in the top left) in the Design system file, but also in all our files, his component is style here and when I want to delete it again by cliking on “Go to main component” Figma redirect me in his file but the button is not in the file anymore…

I tried to delete his all document, but the button is style in the asset of everyone and when you click on it, we have an error message.

I hope it’s clear for you, I tried everything for months without any success… Had you ever had this problem in your figma files ?

Did you publish an update to the library after deleting that component?

I already “publish library” after deleting that component

I believe the component is still showing because it is still used within the file, or nested in other component within the library.

To find where the component is being used:

You might retrieve the main component, make some edits to it and republish it to spot the instances from your coworker library and replace them with yours, then redelete the main component and republish again.

That should do the trick.

To be sure you might check the libraries panel (the book icon)

Click on the library created by you/coworker, and then click swap library.
If you found the button component created by your coworker it means the instance is still in-use in the current file.