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How to create a non interactive slide area inside a single frame?

Hi folks!
I am prototyping a responsive website and currently stucked on creating a slideshow which is a non interactive one. The ideia is to have a scrollable screen with some links/buttons that redirects the user to other pages(frames). I’ve read and watched some tutorials to create slideshow on Figma, but none of them help me to solve this problem. Most of them teach us to create one frame for each image/text, but I need this slideshow to be placed inside the front page(main frame) and it changes the images after some time(after delay config). Any ideas?
Thanks in advance!

To do that in a single frame your only option would be to use Interactive Components which are currently in Beta.

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Thank you very much! I created a component with the variants as slides and set the delay behaviour needed. After that, an instance has been made inside the main frame and at the preview, it works perfectly. Thanks again!