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How do I add a free UI kit to my current project

Hello guys! I am learning figma so I am pretty new to how things work. I am trying to create an app and I am starting with the homepage. I downloaded a free UI kit to make my life easier, but I don’t know how to import these files to my current project. Basically I want to find the UI kit in my assets page or as components in my main project. I hope I am clear :slight_smile:

Here I have the free UI kit that I want to add/import to my first project.
I don’t even know if this is a thing you can do though.

This is my main project where I want to add the free UI kit.

Thank You

If you have an Education, Professional or Organization plan, then you can publish styles and components to a library, and then use that library in your file.

If you have a Starter plan, then you can publish only styles to the library, and the components must be in your file. For example, you can copy the desired components and / or styles to your file and then use them from the “Assets” panel. Or create a new page in your UI Kit file to design right away.