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How can I get "fix position when scrolling" option under Constraints section?

It’s missing for me.

  • I have a FRAME selected. It is a frame, not a group.
  • Constraints are set to Left and Bottom (and no other setting makes the fixed option appear, either)
  • Overflow behavior is set to No Scrolling (and no other setting makes the fixed option appear, either)
  • I tried an experiment where I made the frame way bigger than the content to make sure it encompassed everything, and that didn’t make the fix option appear (currently is same size, since I made the frame from these elements)

Bout to pull my hair out. I’m taking over someone else’s file who claimed Figma doesn’t have that option, but Figma clearly has pages on their blog talking about it (with screenshots).
Screen Shot 2021-05-11 at 9.22.00 PM

This option appears on objects placed directly inside of a frame with scrolling enabled.


Thank you, that worked! I don’t know why it didn’t work yesterday (I’d seen that same recommendation online elsewhere and tried ALL of them, but it didn’t make a difference). Arrrg.

Anyway, thank you for your response! :innocent:

Ok that did make the option appear but it doesn’t seem to be working properly fixing the element. I will have to keep working on it. Sorry I’ve never used Figma before and was given someone else’s file to fix :grimacing:

Did you got with the solution? You are trying to do something like a floating shape inside a frame? and that should scroll all over the frame when the page is scrolled. At least is what I am doing and stumbling over and over on how to do it :slight_smile:

You also have to make sure the object you want to “fix position” isn’t in an auto-layout frame…found that out the hard way


Life saver :+1:

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