Guest Comments & Voting for Clients w/o Account

This is so poor. Hugely aggressive and annoying for clients. We were going to migrate over from XD but clients are going to hate this.

Hello everyone! Thank you for sharing your thoughts on guest comments for prototypes.
We truly understand how this feature would be beneficial in your situation. I have passed on your feedback to our internal team for future consideration!



Cheers, Junko.

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This feature would be excellent. Thank you

Please dear Figma team,
This feature proposal really is the deal.
I am out here receiving crappy powerpoint presentations with sh***y screenshots of designs I created in Figma. And all because my client is not allowed to open an account on Figma with his work email address. A comment function for non-registered invitees would really help me to stop relying on powerpoint to get feedback… and instead to work even more in your wonderful tool.

Come on Figma! Supa-fast!

I really supported this feature. I come from XD and loved that customers could easily comment without having to register. Definitely a feature I support! Supa-fast! :grin:

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How is this STILL not a feature yet. Come on, Adobe was even able to figure this out. Do better.


Another vote for this feature from me. As agencies, we simply can’t force clients to create Figma accounts just to be able to add and view comments. Without this feature, the collaboration in Figma feels second-rate.

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We as agency want to migrate to using Figma, coming from Adobe XD. Right now this feature is a bug to us.

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same here. we need this!

24h open sessions are not the solution. we need this feature.

Going to start scheduling calls with sales reps to demand this feature.

Agree, this needs to be a priority but it’s 2024 so I’m not sure I have much hope. :sob:

Jumping on the bandwagon here. We are also an agency that wants to migrate from XD to Figma but simply cannot because of this ONE missing feature. It’s the primary reason we use Adobe XD, as clunky as the rest of it can be, because it’s EASY for our clients to submit feedback and avoids us receiving 400 emails with feedback.

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Any update if Figma works on this or if they want to implement this at all?