Gray outer border around Figma Desktop App, when maximized, visible on second screen

If I maximize my Figma Desktop App version 112.2 … I get a gray bar in my second screen. It looks as if the maximum window has borders on the outside of the application… which become visible in the other screen.

This is a screendump from the full height of my two screens. The gray bar is on top of my second screen.

To verify, I also moved the app to my other screen, and maximized again… and now the gray border is on the left, inside the other screen.

Can this be removed?

I am having the same problem. And it is annoying.

I am not asking the community, because the community can’t solve this. Its a program error. So stop changing my topics!

Or give us a Bugs topic.


All bugs must be reported to the support service using the form at this link: Submit a bug report.

Also on the forum there are already similar topics:

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@tank666 > While mine also is a border… its NOT the same as on said topics. Both of them are reporting a 1px border at the top… which I wouldn’t be bothered with. My report is about a huge 10px border that is on either left and right side of the maximized window, which subsequently is on top of the second screen I use. That’s just super annoying. But maybe not as annoying as being redirected to non-related topics.

That said, I do thank you for the bug link. I will be using it frequently… and hope they pick up on this bug sooner.

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