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Full Screen hidden tabs - version 102.9

  1. This new update ( 102.9) is hidden all the tabs when in full screen.

  2. I dont know if this is a bug or a new feature, but is terrible, because I need to swith between the current opened tabs.

This is a setting in your ‘View’ menu. Simply select or deselect the option ‘Show Tabs in Full Screen’

Hey @Rafael1,

@Joost_Meijerink’s reply is correct. While the tabs are hidden, you can still select to Show Tabs in Full Screen under View. More info here.

  1. I like to go into full screen, but need access to multiple files at the same time, ie. FigJam research notes file + Prototype file + design file.

Can we add the file tabs when in full screen?

Hi @Amy_Henty,

You can still see tabs in full screen. In full screen mode, when hovering towards the top of your screen, select View > Show Tabs in Full Screen.