Frustrating prototyping bug between form input state rollover. Restoring backup still doesn't solve the problem

I have a universal hero setup ~ light and dark modes. Light mode = ok. Dark mode = for some reason problematic on first two bars.

I was making changes to my design system over number of hours that was completely unrelated, at all, to my .base/ master form structures. For some reason what was seemed stable and well behaved before ~ now buggy in the form.

On dark mode on click state, it for some reason to hover to light mode then disappear. I went back to all my .base structures, check all layer names are consistent. Check all interactions to make sure they are well behaved as they should, reset overrides, reset this, reset that. Still buggy.

Restarted comp, restarting Figma, and browser. Still persist.

Please see my prototype URL as below:

I even rolled back to my prior iterations in the hope of restoring to previous state. Surprise = the bug still persists.

Has anyone else encountered this? hours wasted troubleshooting. I was absolutely sure I was not making any changes related whatsoever to my form structures.

Thoughts appreciated,



I have found a solution .

Though at first ~ unintuitive in my opinion. It involves changing surrounding text and/or objects within the auto layout group of objects within the form input vinicity ~ to “Fill Container” on the vertical Resizing setting.

I’ve made and uploaded an entire video upload for this. Please see as attached youtube unlisted.