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Font helper does not work on Mac M1

Hi everyone,

I am using macbook pro M1 and the web version of Figma. I have installed the Figma font helper but it still show :


I am using Chrome ver 88 running native for mac m1.

Do you have any idea on how to fix this?

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Stupid question but did you try relaunching the computer?

Yes, I have restarted the computer already but it did not work

Maybe try using desktop app instead in this case? It has a built-in font helper. Also you probably should reach out to Figma support team via the support request form or regarding this issue.

I was having a similar issue and it was driving me nuts. Turns out it was my ad-blocker in my browser (brave). I don’t recall this being an issue on my intel Mac, but try turning off any ad-blocker you may be using. Gonna submit a support ticket as well in case this is not the intended behavior.

ad-block on:

ad-block off:


Thank you, Phil. This solved my problem and made my day better. :smiley: