Figma to Zeplin Component Exports Very Slow and Stalls

Hey there,

Whenever I export variant components from Figma to Zeplin using the Zeplin plugin the export seems very slow.

Worse than this, if I am exporting a variant that includes say 200 components the export will include approx 20-30 error messages (“try again later” in red) and loads of the other components will be stuck, unfinished, with the message “tickling the backend”.

Only when I manually go through and find every component that is in error, and click it’s refresh icon, will the stuck exports start again.

It’s a total pain in the bum. Something that should take minutes, with zero involvement from me, can take me 20-30 minutes scrolling up and down the list of components fixing the errors.

Couple of screen grabs to illustrate.

Does anyone else experience this?