Figma team got locked

We are 2 designer in the company. Since the founder’s card expired, we have been locked out of the team and charged $105 for a month’s subscription. We have bout 10 other people in the team as viewers.
Anybody has any idea what is going on?

Hey @Rishab ,
Sorry to hear you are having issues with your account! Usually, this happens because your plan has been suspended due to the delay in payment. It will be unlocked once we receive the payment. You will be able to complete the payment from “pay online” link on your attached invoice.

I saw in our backend that you have filled out a ticket. For your reference, your ticket number is #926710. I have escalated internally. Our support team will reply you to confirm you asap. Thanks for your patience in the meantime :pray:

EDIT: The support team replied to you. Please check your inbox!

Hi Celina,
Same thing happen for us. Account is locked. Also, i had been speaking with Figma support for week about invoice.

Can you please look into it urgently as the ticket has been raised since yesterday and there support is saying let me have a look.


Account is locked due to late payment for true up. I had been speaking with Figma support about the invoice for a week as we did not needed the true up.

Yesterday, our account got locked and since Monday, when i started to speak with support did not mention oh, your account is locked.

Can you please escalate the case and get our account unlocked. It is really inconvenience for you support to reply once a day and then when a ticket is raised support to say, i am looking at it be patient.


Hi there,
Sorry to hear this is happening! Unfortunately, in the Forum, we -community support specialist- can only escalate internally your ticket. The positive note is that I see in our backend that the support team is working on it, and the case is still being reviewed. They will be back in touch as soon as they have more information. Thanks for your patience in the meantime! :pray: