Figma & Lottifile doesnt work


i have installed the Lottiefile Plugin and insert the Json file. It shows correctly in the Preview but when i convert to gif and insert to Figma, it shows only a Picture ??

Thank You

It’s okay, this is Figma’s default behavior. You can run the prototype and test the playback of your GIF.

It does not work in prototype view


I have a same problem.
When I convert to Lottie JSON to gif and insert to Figma , it shows a picture.
Lottiefiles plugin doesn’t work.
Did you solve this problem?

So I can convert the Lottie File to a GIF…
but its white logo and I want it transparent on a
dark gradient background…
So in Adobe XD I can just drag in a JSON animation
and it works. Why cant FIGMA figure that out?

I created a Lottie JSON. But when I try to insert the converted GIF in Figma with the help of “Add to Figma” button in Lottiefiles plugin…nothing happens. I see no GIF file being added to my Figma file.

When I add SVG it doesnt work but when I add GIF it works :woman_shrugging:t4: