FigJam for iPad

I tried using FigJam today with my Apple Pencil, as I needed to use the pen tool and found it hard to use with a trackpad or mouse. It would be amazing to be able to use it and collaborate and draw remotely using iPads for brainstorming sessions!


Hey Loana! Are you using Figurative?

I have tried Figurative, but it doesn’t work for FigJam files.

Figjam + ipad/pencil support would immediately be the most powerful remote whiteboarding app out there. I got my team already for a figjam session using ipads/pencils and found out it didn’t work. Figjam is incredible, it’s what the world needed and with ipad/pencil support it would be game over!
I see a lot of requests for this feature, hopefully, this feature gets escalated!


I’d love to move my team to FigJam (from Miro) but it’s a no-go until there is native support for iPad.


Can’t agree more ! Ipad + figjam should be a killer combo !


We use Explain Everything (search for it, I would link it but Discourse won’t let me :grinning_face_with_smiling_eyes:) for brainstorming ideas, but having that process start in FigJam with native integration/transition to Figma Design would be :exploding_head::exploding_head::exploding_head::exploding_head:

Would gladly cancel our Explain Everything subscription for a FigJam one.

If this became a thing I’d switch from Miro. As it is I have to use Figma + Miro in my flow since so much of my early concepts are done via the iPad Pro on Miro.

I only know figjam at the moment but for my plugin, I want to port to other platforms like Miro so I’m curious to know why a Miro user would want to switch to figjam ?

To my knowledge neither Figjam or Figma are supported on iPad. All of my UI/UX work ends up on Figma, but it starts on paper or in iPad sketching apps (Miro, Linea Sketch, etc.). If I could shortcut that process by doing some initial sketching on Figma or Figjam on the iPad with an Apple Pencil, then that would simplify a lot of things.

I saw an article that says it will be on the iPad March 15.

Hey All,

We officially launched FigJam for iPad on March 15th!

This new experience not only makes sketching and sharing ideas feel more natural – it creates a more focused creative environment away from your desk.

Get the Figma App here: