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Export Image Style with Properties?

How do I export a color style that is an image that has properties and effects added? I’ve highlighted all the properties/effects I want applied to the export:

I can export the frame the image is in:


But that crops the image, when I want the original resolution with the properties/effects applied.

If I go to the inspect tab, clicking the image link:

Downloads the original photo but without any of the properties/effects applied.

The only workaround I can seem to figure out is make a new frame which is the same size as the original resolution of the image and then click the Export + button.

This solution is quite tedious and frustrating, is there a better one?



Create a rectangle, fill it with this style, then Restore Image Dimensions plugin to resize it to the original image size and export.

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Thanks Gleb, that’s a good solution, appreciate it!