Export Frames as PDF Looking Discolored

Wondering if anyone else has had this issue or knows of a solve…

When I am trying to export frames as a PDF the color looks super orange and saturated. I have my color profile set to sRGB and occasionally when I’m exporting from photoshop in this color space I have the same issue. However, when I change my color profile to unmanaged I have the same issue in Figma. The color looks normal in the project but in the exported PDF is pretty significantly off.

Thanks for any help!

What software are you using to view the PDF file? What color space is it set to? Have you tried viewing this file in Google Chrome?

Thank you! Just opened with Chrome and the PDF looks great. I was using Acrobat before so will check my color settings there. Appreciate the help!

I have the same issue! Using the most standard setup: Acrobat Reader out of the box on Windows 11. The colors looks way off and pale compared to Figma. The strangest part is that colors are distored on random pages (each time different) every time I open the 55 pages, 200 MB deck. So, it’s definitely a view problem, but is very consistent and annoying.