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Export blur does not work

When exporting an object, all properties are saved except for the blur, I save them in png

Maybe you applied a blur to the group or frame but exporting something inside of this frame?

I am applying blur to the shape. Blur works great when exported with background. I also need to export transparent PNG with blur. Or is that impossible in figma?

So you are applying background blur to the object and exporting just the object to PNG? PNG is an array of pixels, it can’t have any kind of special effects like background blur. It only contains the color and transparency at each pixel, it’s static. Trying to export PNG with background blur is like trying to print a video on paper, Harry Potter kind of magic is required. :smiley: So you can either export with background or use the background blur filter wherever you are using the image, independent of the image, e.g. it is possible with CSS.

Thank you very much, I thought that was the point, but just no one could explain it. thanks

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