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Effects not work very well in rectangle with corner radius


effects “drop shadow” seems not work well in rectangle that has corner radius, does anyone has the same issue or know how to solve it?

barely can see “drop shadow” in bottom left and top right corner radius

Can you show the shadow settings? This looks normal to me if you have one shadow set to to x +5 and y +5 and another one to x -5 and y -5 or something similar.

Yes, I have shadow set to x+4, y+4, and another one to x-4, y-4.
img01, img02 below

Then, I set(x+4,y+4), (x+4, y-4), (x-4, y+4), (x-4, y-4). But that will make sides of the rectangle have shadow+8 (4+4), and corner radius have shadow +4.
img03, img04 below.

And what effect are you expecting? In the places where shadows overlap each other they will obviously be darker. If you simply want to make your shadow larger, use the Spread property and only one shadow.

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