Duplicating Pages (to archive artwork)

When we archive artwork, we typically duplicate the page and add “ARCHIVED” to the page name. While doing this the comments on the original artwork are not duplicated onto the new page. Is this something that you all can update? we would like the comments to be added to the new page that we’ve archived. Here are the reasons:

  1. I work for a very large company with lots of contributors. We do not want to remove any of the comments so we can have a record of what changed and who requested the change.
  2. We can not archive the existing page with the comments (by adding “ARCHIVED” to the page title and working from the new page) because a link to the original page is whats linked in Azure dev ops when the story is created for the developers, the service team, leadership, marketing, business, etc.

A great fix would be to duplicated the comments when a page is duplicated. Please consider this for your next update. Thanks!

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