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Dropup instead of dropdown


Let’s say you have a dropdown button and when clicking on it you want the menu to appear upside instead of downside aka a dropup.

When prototyping this, do you have any idea if this is possible to do without making both the default state of the component and the active state the same height? Ideally the default state should be the height of the button and the active state the height of the button + the height of the menu.

If I don’t make them the same height since the anchor point of the component is on the top (I guess top left corner) the options menu pushes the button downwards.

Is this something to be considered in a following update i.e. set up which anchor points should always stay fixed (similar to how adobe after effects does it when you want a specific corner to stay fixed).

See the prototype below for more clarity:

Note: making the menu appear as an overlay doesn’t really solve my issue.