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Drop shadow fail on unfilled stroke

Having difficulty figuring out an oddity that appears in a fairly simple scenario. See enclosed screenshot. Essentially: I cannot seem to make closed-stroke created shapes to show the drop shadow within the created shape. I believe I’ve tried all possible variations within properties. Anyone have a quick explanation?

Thanks so much for any help that gets provided.

I’m pretty new to Figma, but isn’t this as simple as selecting another effect called Inner Shadow instead of Drop Shadow?

Screenshot 2021-09-24 at 22.14.11

Thanks for the help, Luis. But the answer is no. That’s not the effect I’m trying to create. See in the enclosed image the difference between Sketch and Figma. The Sketch version is what I am trying to do in Figma.

A checkbox was recently added to “show behind transparent areas”. This should solve your issue.

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Thank you very much! Had not seen that. Appreciate it.

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