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Desktop app blank white screen/crash

I also have the same issues. After updating the app the software version say cant open because of WebGL i also enabled webgl but still problem exists.

What graphic card do you have? There is a suspicion that they are simply no longer support legacy video cards due to lack of hardware compatibility.

For example, I have an AMD Radeon HD6950 2GB card and as I understand it is already 10 years old. And its driver stopped updating in 2015.

Same thing with the Windows app here. The screen is blank at first and the most recently open tabs are forgotten. Already cleared everything in %APPDATA%\Figma, doesn’t work. Please fix ASAP, thanks!

[WHITE SCREEN: RESOLVED] Finally, I have figured it out; however, you may not be too thrilled about it. I’m using a Lenovo Thinkpad X1 Extreme with 16gb RAM and it wasn’t enough. I ran my Task Manager to check what was being throttled and saw that my RAM was clocking really high before Figma turned white. So, I bought an extra 16gb RAM (total 32gb RAM) and now Figma runs with no issues at all. I checked the Task Manager again and it shows that while Figma is running, RAM is clocking at close to 20gb.

Bottomline: If you “only” have 16gb of RAM, it’s not enough.

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@tae_kim, I’m glad you resolved the issue, although I suspect most people won’t buy the extra RAM… (BTW, it would be interesting to know whether users who do have 32 GB are experiencing this problem too.) Windows reports around 560 MB or 7% usage for Figma on my machine. I’ll try switching off Chrome (biggest memory hog here) and test it again.

Nevertheless, this problem was very likely introduced in the latest version (98.10) so it’s fixable. My Figma colleague here didn’t upgrade so he doesn’t have the issue. We both have 32 GB machines.

I still say this is a bug, I hope the good fellows at Figma come with a solution soon. Any response from them would be very nice at this point.


Same problem during the last month. White screen after 1-2 mins of using. Keep using Figma becomes a problem…
Screenshot from a console:

i’m not agree, the problem obviously with something else

Ok guys, today i’ve get the last windows update and then load last figma version, so i can say that my issue have solved and figma running stable!

So just put your PC to update and reinstall Figma!

Hey! Could you try the latest desktop app build:

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rubem, i just upgraded my ram to 32gb and now it’s working fine~ thanks @tae_kim for your insight! our project was on hold and we couldn’t wait for figma to fix this issue so i’m glad there is a quick fix.

My team has had a problem after the update as well. There were changes to our project that were not saved and progress was lost. Is there any way around it, I couldn’t find the changes on the version history either.

I had a forced Windows reboot and it seems to have fixed itself. My build is 98.10. Should I try the new build anyway?

Hmmmm… After opening some other apps and restarting Figma, the blank screen is there again. @poiru, thanks for the link, but updating to 98.14 didn’t fix it, unfortunately.

Still waiting for a fix from Figma.

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Having Mac OS (Big Sur 11.4) with 32RAM and Figma is still showing the white screen in the last update. Had to roll back the application to the previous version and but it slowed down a lot. @Figma what is the matter with latest update? Why there is still no any answer?

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Today I’ve restarted Figma without problems, seems to be an intermittent bug.

Hi there!

I’m trying to open a memory intensive file on Figma and it refuses to open this morning. It doesn’t matter if I open it from the Desktop app or in a browser (Chrome, Safari, etc.). My screen just goes black.

To recover, I either have to quit the app or close the browser tab while the screen is blank, close the lid of my MacBook Pro, open it, and get my screen back after I log in (I can see the log in screen after reopening the lid.

When I try this with a multiple monitor setup, the source monitor with the browser or app on it goes black, but the other two stay on. I still have to open/shut the laptop to help the screen come back.

I have yet to try it on a PC, but that’s my next course of action.

What would really help is if I can open a low-res version of the file to delete some of the elements that’s bogging it down. Right now I don’t have that option.

Any help, questions or perspective? Please post if you have them! :grin:

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And I just tested on an old Lenovo ThinkPad and can open all files on the PC.
So it’s definitely a problem on my MacBook pro… might be isolated to just MacOSX from my experience so far.

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I’m having the same issue here!

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same issue here!

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@Figma Same problem! After 30 seconds of opening figma file, it becomes white. I have 32gb ram mac…very frustrating problem :man_shrugging: