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Copy/paste frames & components to new project

Hi, I’m having trouble with copy/paste between projects.

I often need to create a separate document to share with my clients without letting them see all the ‘work in progress’ stuff.

Since a few days, it does not seem to work properly, some components become broken in the new project.

I tried to push all the initial components to a library, and link this library to the new project. This was a small improvement: some components are now okay but some other layers still seem reset without reason.

Any idea why?

Be aware that only the published components will remain linked to the previous file, otherwise I don’t know how you’ll be able to keep those linked.
Same for the styles.

If you do not need to keep the link to the previous version (for components and styles), but instead of having new local ones, you should duplicate the file and remove whatever you want to keep private.