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How do I copy between projects


I downloaded some wireframing projects from Figma resources. I’m trying to simply move some existing elements from those resources into my existing projects and I’m unable to do so. I was only able to do so by exporting as SVG, then importing them into my project, but all interactivity and object-capabilities were lost, they sort of just became images.

I need some wireframing frames etc., to expand my project with those graphical elements.

I must be missing something. I tried drag-drop, that didn’t work, copy/paste didn’t work.

What’s the trick? It’s surely not this hard to move items between projects.

Right now, it’s blocking my progress fully. Any guidance would be appreciated, I was unable to find notes about how to do this rudimentary task.


Copy-paste is the way to do it. Can you copy-paste into the same file just to test if it works at all? That’s very strange.

I’m experiencing issues with copy&paste as well.

Simple text elements will lose color/style when copied between projects. (font parameters will change completely).

A white 14px Arial text will turn into black Roboto 12px. :see_no_evil:

It used to work before so might be a bug. Just wait a couple days and if it’s not fixed file a bug report through the app…

Tempory workaround: 
Duplicate the element , then cut&paste (instead of copy) into new project.


Copy and paste between files appears to have issues. Before this week things worked as expected, but this week copy and past of simple components is very slow (sometimes taking 20+ minutes). Often Figma just stays on ‘Pasting…’ and never completes the action.